Game with turn-based action and real-time operations, on procedurally generated battlefield


Cold Contract offers you to lead mercenaries in an hostile region.
You plan your assault, equip/improve the guys, and move in real-time to your objective on the strategic map.
You fight enemy squads during turn-based action.
Most parts of the game are generated with an algorithm, which ensure that each game and fight will never be the same than the last.

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Build your team

Take the lead of mercenaries deployed in an hostile region
Choose who will join your team
Equip them with the best equipment for the task
Extend their skills with experience and special abilities
Engage enemy squads in several environment and situations

Missions Cold Contract
Cold Contract Interface

War is random

Each game is generated from scratch with an algorithm
You will never find the same region or location
Position of enemies, buildings, objectives are always different
High level of re playability
Test your sense of strategy and your sense of tactic
And maybe a bit of luck

The rules of engagement are changing

Access to eight tasks of missions
Rescue hostages
Find weapons
Grab money
Destroy military equipment
Eliminate special enemies
Fight against squadrons of elite soldiers
Experience is the key of deadlier mercenaries

Missions Cold Contract
Missions Cold Contract

Improve your power

Upgrade your base camp to unlock new options
Gain more firepower and extend the size of your squads
Access to satellite and tactical drone
Locate and spy enemies
Protect your base from airborne assault
Use psychological warfare to rise civilians against enemies
Heal your mercenaries with field hospital

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